Classic Storage for Classic Cars

We may not be as old as some of the classic cars we have had the pleasure of protecting. However, with 35 years experience, we offer a long term classic car storage facility and service that is uncompromising.

An Elegant Storage Solution

From storing Rolls Royce ready for the big occasion to taking care of Bentleys for proud owners. From securing Aston Martins whilst their owners are out of the country, to babysitting classic Porsches when a driveway does not offer the protection needed. Storacar have the experience, the passion and the knowledge to provide you with the peace of mind you need from a long term car storage facility.

• Clean, safe and secure environment
• Discreet location
• Dehumidified storage option to help prevent dampness to bodywork, interior and mechanical components without causing dryness to leather interiors, rubber hoses and other perishables.
• Competitive long term car storage rates from just £152 per month.
Classic Car Storage
Classic Car Storage

Extra Special Care

The Storacar Active Storage Programme is available to our customers as an additional option to our standard storage packages.

We will not only store and secure your vehicle but will administer regular checks to ensure it your vehicle is ready to hit the road when you are.

Click here for more information on the Active Storage Programme.